Space Mazine Concept

Project Details

  • Category : Design
  • Software(s) used: Adobe inDesing CC,
    Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Scope: School Project

On a school project we had to create a magazine on a topic that relates to technology.
What can be more meaningful to Technology than Space Exploration?
All the greatest inventions come from the inovative minds of humans desiring for the greatness. Here was the inspiration for the title: "We aim for the Greatness".
We formed a team consisting of five people, each one writing an article.
My role in the team, besides writting my own article, was to create, desingn, and to combine the images and the text to form the final version of the magazine.
We printed the magazine and presented it, and I am proud to say that our magazine was voted to be the most beautiful, winning the competition.

Check it out bellow or Download it as pdf.

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Mgazine Pages