Active Tourist

Project Details

  • Category : Mobile Development
  • Software(s) used: Android Studio IDE,
    Google Firebase
  • Scope: Personal Project
  • Status: Working on...

Thinking about how I could promote the tourist attractions that my country has to offer, got the idea of creating an android app that will engage users to travel and visit those places in exchange of points that could be transformed in different prizes(this part would would imply finding investors to support this idea).

Due to not having enough time because of studyes, this project is postponed, but I'm looking forward to continue to improve and finish it, the final goal being to find investors and after that to make the app available on Play Store.


After the user creates an account and he will be presented a map with different missions, each one valuing different amount of points(calculated based on how far the objective is), the user can pick one of them and the mission will start. A standard route will be calculated and presented on map along with a pin for the final destination. When he arrives at the destination the amount of points will be transferred to his account.

Starting Point:

Everything started with some sketches like this one. Nothing was clear..just some ideas drawn on paper, but day after day, each part started to get shape.

Next Steps:

I'm planning to continue the work on this project, to improve it's design, to implement a notification service, to create an admin portal to facilitate the creation of new missions and rewards and eventually to find sponsors and to upload the app in stores.