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Hi! My name is Bogdan Mihalca. I'm a Romania based student who loves programming, designing and developing all kind of projects. Since I was a kid I was intrigued in IT and technology. Every time I was receiving a toy from my parents it didn't resist more than 2 days, because I was tearing it apart to find out how it works. This kind of desire, to know how things works, made me to chose the mathematics-informatics profile at Mihai Eminescu National College Oradea. Here I've studied C/C++ and C# programming languages, and also my teacher inspired me to learn Android development principles. Curently I'm studying Comp.SCI at University of Oradea.

Some About my Abilities

My skills are updating frequently as i learn new things every day.
I always like to be up to date with news from this are of Internet Technology. I always learn things that increase my horizons of knowledge.
I spend a lot of time looking for information and practicing my skills.

Wordpress - 2 years of experience80%
Css - 3 years of experience85%
HTML - 3 years of experience90%
Android - 2 years of experience75%
C/C++ - 4 years of experience90%

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